Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM ads were first launched in 2014. The ads allowed Amazon Affiliate Associates to run banner ads on their website according to CPM (Cost Per Mille) marketing model.

Amazon CPM Ads discontinued notification screenshot

Amazon notified publishers on their dashboard on 27 June 2018 about this (see in image above). It stated in its Important Note section, CPM Ads will be stopped on September 30 2018, with last payments coming by November 30, and report on ads getting discontinued on December 31.

Don't be disappointed they still have other ad formats you can earn plenty through that with the right planning.

You can join the amazon associates program by links below

Amazon Associates Program (India)
Amazon Associates Program (United States) Check out below what CPM rates amazon was providing to its publishers.

Amazon CPM Rates (United States)

Although the CPM rates depend on various factors such as niche, traffic country, content quality and much more. So its difficult to say just one number for amazon cpm rates. But if your niche is product you can expect cpm rates from $1 to $10 per thousand impressions for amazon native ad units.

Amazon CPM Rates (India)

Indian publishers on the other hand get lower cpm compared to publishers in the united states. The reason for this is low number of buyers and low price range. So the rates can be somewhere between 10 cents to $4.

Amazon ads is a great way of earning extra cash especially if your website is product niche.