Highest Paying CPM Ads $8 CPM

Highest paying cpm ads $8 cpm. This article provides information on highest paying cpm ad network for publishers in united states of America and for publishers in India.

You know already what a CPM is, still let me explain one sentence.

CPM is an acronym for Cost Per Mile.

CPM is the cost that an advertiser has to pay to an ad network for 1000 ad impressions.

From publishers perspective its the amount that he or she gets paid when an ad on their website is viewed a thousand times.

Highest Paying CPM Ads $8 CPM

Highest Paying CPM Ad Networks $8 CPM

I know you are trying to find the best cpm ad network which pays highest rates possible. You might have discovered many networks but all worthless which pays few cents for 1000 impressions and possibly a dollar for few thousand impressions.

So what is the name of the network I am going to refer today. Its Ad-Maven cpm ad network.

This cpm ad network claims to pay massive rates per thousand ad impressions. They claim to pay $8 cpm.

That is a claim but is it true that they really pay that much. I Googled it, searched few sites, watched few videos on youtube and found that it may be really possible.

In one of the youtube videos I watched a guy who was from pakistan. He was getting nearly $3 cpm. His niche was software downloading. For one of the keywords he got it extremely high above $3000 cpm, that is just out of the world cpm right there.

Pakistan's currency is not good as india, so if your traffic is from india you can easily expect double the rate, $6 cpm.

Here is the video if you want to watch it Admaven Review 2020

So think about it, if you can get traffic from developed countries like US (United States of America) or UAE (United Arab Emirates) you can easily get more than $8 cpm.

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