CPM Linkedin 2021

Linkedin is online platform that connects business and professionals together.

You create your profile, fill all details to get exposure, and potentially company hire you.

Linkedin has over 500 million professionals. You can set a compaign on linkedin in minutes.

Linkedin provides very costeffective platform. By the way, its self service platform so its very easy to set a compaign.

Here are the CPM of Linkedin Ads

The minimum cpm bid for linkedin ad is $2. This can change depending on your target aurdience to something from $3.10 to $3.90

The average linkedin ads cpm is $8.39, based on recent data there has been increase in CPMs from $7.49 to $8.39.

There has been around 15% increase in CPM since january 2017

The cpc and cpm rate for linkedin are very high compared to Google, twitter and facebook because of high conversion rate.

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