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Adcolony ecpm is discussed in this article.

AdColony is mobile advertising and monetization platform which provides cutting edge monetization tools for developers with video, banner, rich media and more.

AdColony is a telltale video advertising company and features its proprietary Instant-Play technology that serves full-screen video ads instantly in HD across its network of iOS and Android apps.

Lars boilesen is ceo of adcolony.

eCPM is the effective cost per thousand impressions. It is a revenue metric and hence can be applied to any pricing model.

eCPM is simply an estimate of revenue you receive for each thousand impressions.

Adcolony eCPM Rate

adcolony ecpm

Now to the topic, what is adcolony ecpm?

Adcolony ecpm rate for androind is around $2.

AdColony ecpm rate for iOS or apple devices is around $5.

eCPMs fluctuate a lot depending on variety of factors such as ad placement, seasonality, traffic geography, site speed etc.

Generally eCPM between $4 to $10 is considered good.

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