AdMaven CPM

Admaven cpm rates as of February 2023 are discussed in this article.

CPM is short form of Cost Per Mile.

As you know it means, the cost an advertiser has to pay for 1000 ad impressions.

From your (publisher's) perspective, CPM is the earnings that you will earn after ad on your website receives 1000 impressions.

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AdMaven CPM Rates

admaven cpm

Now to the main topic what is admaven cpm?

AdMaven literally claims they provide highest CPM in industry being $8.

We think that cpm rate is the best case or in other term, rare case. Its not for all.

We used two sites, with indian traffic of about 100 per day for both websites.

Below are the admaven cpm rates we received.

admaven cpm rates
AdMaven CPM

We know and we have already specified that both websites are of very low traffic (newbies) and are receiving indian traffic.

The genre of these websites are software and entertainment.

So it is obvious to get cpm rates like that.

But we don't think the impressions are quite right.

AdMAaven says they cut the impressions which are fradulent.

They need to work on that for sure.

Here are the earnings that we earned from that admaven cpm.

admaven earnings
AdMAven earnings

The internet shows, admaven cpm is $8, we also did in some articles.

You might want to check out the admaven payment methods if you are thinking to try out the network.

Now back to the topic of this article.

This author of this article here admaven review tells us how he asked the admaven manager to get him $3 cpm and then it was increased to $5.

Here is the archive link if article is updated admaven review archive.

We want such websites and the opportunity to negotiate. You can talk to your manager but without a decent site (decent in terms of traffic) it will not bring any good.

If you want to sign up for admaven to try your website for $8 cpm, use this link to register for admaven ad network.

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