MGID cpm rate is discussed in this article.

MGID is a native advertising platform open to both publishers and advertisers. It provides monetization tools for website owners.


mgid cpm

We did not test this network, so refering internet to find out MGID CPM.

According to this article, if you have daily 5000 views, you will earn $100 monthly.

Lets make calculations quickly,
5000 daily views * 30 days = 150000 views per month.

Divide it by 1000,
150000 / 1000 = 150.

Now divide earnings $100 by number of thousands (150),
100 / 150 = 0.6666666666667.

So MGID CPM is found to be $0.6.

How much does mgid pay per click?

The starting bid for tier 2 countries is $0.01 per click. However, to target tier 1 countries, advertiser should be prepare to spend between $0.015 and $0.1 per click.

This means mgid pay per click is $0.01 minimum for tier 1 countries.

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