Clickadu Requirements

Clickadu requirements are explored in this article.

Every cpm ad network out their has some requirements that a publisher must meet to join their network.

Clickadu Requirements

The minimum traffic requirements for clickadu are none.

As there is no minimum traffic requirment anyone can join the clickadu ad network.

Content with any language is allowed. No restrictions on language.

No prohibitions on content type, which means adult content is also allowed. But copyrighted content is not allowed.

You can check the Clickadu terms and conditions here.

As you can see there are no restrictions or requirements to join clickadu network.

This is most probably because its new network, it launched in 2014 but it is relatively smaller compared to big names like taboola, adsense, propellerads etc.

After knowing that there are no requirements, you may be exited to get a clickadu account.

Before that you should really check out this article about clickadu cpm rates.

This will get you an idea about what you can expect from this ad network in terms of cpm rates.

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