Hilltopads Publisher Guidelines

Hilltopads publisher guidlines are discussed in this article.

Before reading these guidlines you should check out Hilltopads requirements because those requirements are also included in guidlines.

Hilltopads Publisher Guidelines

1. No bots or any artificially means to generate clicks or impressions.

2. Incentive ads are not permitted (PTC, PTR etc).

3. Websites lacking enough content are rejected by hilltopads.

4. Websites that show excessive advertisements and make it difficutl to view actual content are rejected by hilltopads.

In addition to these guidlines you must meet all hilltopads requirements which are similar to these guidelines (many same).

If any of these guildlines is voilated or you no longer meet the guidline, like minimum traffic then your account will be closed without any prior notice.

That is not worst thing, this is, if your account gets closed, all your earnings in it will also be cancelled.

You will not be entitled to any earnings from your account.

No matter how much they are $5 or $5000, you lost it.

This information is from official hilltopads publisher guidelines page.

Here is the archive of page, in case the page get updated you can check this.

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