Taboola Conversion Rate

Taboola conversion rate will be discussed in this article.

Taboola Conversion Rate

First of all what is a conversion rate?

taboola conversion rate

A conversion rate is often shown in form of percentage. Conversion rate is the average number of conversions per ad interaction.

So the formula for conversion rate would be simply represented as below.

  conversion rate = ((number of conversions) / (total ad interactions)) * 100

We are multiplying answer by 100 because we want conversion rate to be in percentage.

For example, if you have 20 conversions from 1000 ad interactions, your conversion rate would be 20 / 1000 = 0.02 * 100 = 2%.

According to test conducted by MOZ, the taboola conversion rate is 1.28%.

Check out the image below.

They got this rate for a CPC of $0.29 which is lowest in all other content distribution networks.

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