Which ad network has highest CPM?

Which ad network has highest CPM?

This is not the right question. No, don't think some random guy is putting shit in your brain.

The right question is, which CPM ad network is best for your website (product)?

It depends on lot of factors. Some of those factors are traffic country, quantity of traffic you are receiving, content type.

Lets talk about content type first.

If there isn't any real market associated with your content type no one would want to show ads on your website.

Just ask yourself if you would like to spend your money on advertising on a website that is not covering your market. The website has to be related to some kind of market.

Just keep in mind, Garbage content will provie garbage earnings. 
  - cpmadnetworks.com

Don't go back yet read on, I know people nowadays don't want knowledge, they only want quick answers. So I am going to get to the topic of this article now. So that you will get the answer your looking for.

There are lot, a lot of networks out there claiming unbelievable stuff, all positive reviews and stuff. But you get the truth when you actually experience it yourself.

Ok. So the names are PopAds and PropellerAds.

In PopAds you can set CPM rate that you would to receive per thousand impressions.

If your website has quality content and traffic developed country and receiving like 10K per day, you can set your rate $0.01 per popunder and you will receive $1 for 1000 impressions which will make $10 per day and $300 per month.

If you don't set the rate, still you may get same as I am getting $0.81 CPM for my site now, where I haven't set CPM rate. This was about PopAds.

Now propellerads, here also story is same, depends on factors. What I am getting is $0.4 for 1000 impressions for programming related site.

I know for a programming site, it do not seem to be right monetization but that is another topic.

So PopAds according to my experiece for rate.

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