Evadav Ad Network Review

Evadav ad network review is provided in this article.

According to this article here, Evadav ad network was founded in 2016.

Evadav Ad Network Review

When we were searching for ad networks, we saw a google ad saying evadav, it was only a few days ago. So we decided to check out.

We signed up for the network. The first and worst thing we saw was the website evadav.com was itself showing popup ads, truely #hit.

So it was frustrating, every time I tried to click on any button it opened a pop up.

I just decided that,it's not worth it, it seemed a scam.

I mean really who would place popups on their own website if they are claiming they are an ad network.

Apart from this personal opinion, you can check evadav ad network reviews on trustpilot.

evadav ad network review
Evadav Ad Network Review

Evadav ad network reviews has an aggregate of 2.8 stars ⭐ rating on trustpilot from 47 reviews.

Either evadav managers tried to control the rating with 45% excellent reviews or haters of evadav wrote 53% bad reviews.

In our opinion, the later is not true.

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