Evadav Requirements

Evadav requirements are listed in this article.

Evadav was founded on March 2018.

Its relatively new company in online advertising industry.

Evadav Requirements

There are no non-achievable requirements set by evadav.

Here are the evadav requirements that your website must meet.

  • Your website must not have content that voilets some other party's copyright.
  • Your website must be free of malwares or hardware limiting software.
  • The content on your website must not advance racial, national, religious intolerence.
  • Content should not be related to drugs.

In general, your content should fall under good policy or in other terms, the content should be normal.

Other than this there is not traffic requirement for evadav.

If you have only 100 views per day, you can register with evadav ad network.

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