Google Adsense CPM

Google adsense cpm will be discussed in this article.

You already know what cpm is but still its mandatory to explanin for sake of this article.

CPM is an abbreviation of Cost Per Mile.

Cost Per Mile means cost per 1000 ad impressions.

Google adsense is not a CPM based ad network.

Google adsense works mainly on CPC (Cost Per Click) model.

It pays for clicks on advertisements.

Google Adsense CPM

Even though google adsense is cpc network it has all other types in it, for this case CPM.

Here are google adsense cpm rates.

  • Link units: $0.19
  • Display: $0.21
  • Native: $0.34
  • Matched Content: $0.12
  • In-Article: $0.18
  • Auto Ads (in-page): $0.15
  • Auto Ads (display): $0.09

These are most commonly received cpm rates for google adsense.

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