Propellerads CPM

Propellerads CPM rates are discussed in this article.

CPM is an abbreviation of Cost Per Mile.

CPM is cost that publisher earns per thousand ad impressions.

For advertiser, it is the cost they pay to get their viewed thousand time by potentials customers.

Propellerads CPM

We have mentioned propellerads cpm in some articles.

The cpm rate depends on many factors as you know like country of traffic, content quality, content language etc.

We tested a new blog hosted on blogger with propellerads as monetization network.

The niche was programming. It was receiving daily 100 to 200 views.

Propellerads was showing the impressions right but the cpm rate was disastrous, it was literally saying $0.00.

When we checked few days later, we had received 3000 impressions.

The earnings was $1.25 only.

So propellerads cpm is $0.4.

All these networks, cheat with publishers.

If your website is new you will get rate like this, no matter what.

If your website is receving thousands of impressions daily.

You will earn $10 to $100 in day, if you receive around 100K impressions in day.

This is exactly same for all. But its mostly.

Propellerads is established network. So you can definitely trust them and go with them but propellerads cpm is low or atleast it was for us.

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