PropellerAds Revenue for Publisher

Propellerads revenue for publisher is discussed in this article.

The revenue depends on CPM, which depends on many other factors.

Propellerads Revenue for Publishers

The revenue will be different for everyone depending on their website category and cpm.

Propellerads website shows all things positive about about everything.

If you search propellerads revenue on google, you will get results only from

The top most result is also from which says, earning was $1000 for 30 days.

The eCPM was $5 for 1000 impressions.

In my experience, with a programming website for 3000 ad impressions propellerads gave $1.25. The website traffic was daily 300 views.

So I left the network. Now recently i thought lets try again.

You might ask, what was the reason for this? Its simple, positive reviews and attractive ads everywhere.

Now with two new websites, one for downloading and one for entertainment the CPM rate I was receiving was $0. The website traffic was daily 100 views for both websites.

So left it again.

That was the experience for propellerads revenue. You decide for yourself.

Didn't check any big website, big in with traffic because don't have any.

I will update this article in future with new data and experience.

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Thank you for reading.