Applovin eCPM

Applovin ecpm is discussed in this article.

Applovin corporation is mobile techonology company that provides powerful set of tools to grow apps.

eCPM is the effective cost per thousand impressions. It calculated using your revenue.

The formula to calculate ecpm is give below.

eCPM = (Ad Revenue / Impressions) * 1000

Applovin eCPM

applovin ecpm

Before taking about applovin ecpm, first understand that if your product is interesting enough that it is bringing new audience and keeping old ones engaged then company's will show interest in showing ads on your app.

If you have made some shitty app and expecting to earn using fake ad views, it will not work. The ad networks, in this case cpm ad networks are far too smart than you think.

They use hundreds of factors and behavioral patterns to detect fake traffic.

If your app is awesome but don't have audience then also is will not generate any considerable revenue.

For any cpm ad network company, the cpm is not fixed. Even if they claim it, its only to lure you into signing up to their network.

Applovin ecpm is believed to be around $2 for native banner ads for traffic from united states.

For rewarded video ads, applovin ecpm is around $12 to $15. This is also for traffic from united states.

Those numbers may sound good but here is a real example of how it can go.

So this ecpm is just a possibility of many.

For 167,518 ad impressions and 29,105 clicks a person earned $27.29 in revenue.

With this example, applovin eCPM is $0.1629.

This is very very low eCPM.

Again this is not fixed, you may get higher.

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