PopAds CPM

PopAds cpm rates or pop ads cpm rates are discussed in this article.

PopAds is an online advertising network. This network provides pop up ads and floating banner ads.

PopAds was founded on Januray 1, 2010. It means its decade old network.

PopAds CPM Rates

popads cpm

Pop ads provide variable cpm rates ranging from $0.7 to $4.

Usually the popads 100 impression cpm is around $1 or $2.

You may think this is very good pop ads cpm rate, but untold drawback with popads is that you do not get paid for all impressions you receive.

The impressions are shown less than actual impression count.

When you will sign up for popads network, you will see.

Here is the link to register for popads ad network.

If your traffic is from developing countries like india then your popads cpm will be on the lower end, around or less than $1.

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