Adcash CPM

Adcash cpm rate is discussed in this article.

Adcash is worldwide online advertising platform.

It was founded in the year 2007. The main headquaters of adcash is in tallin, estonia.

Adcash CPM

adcash cpm

Every cpm ad network nowadays have tier system.

Mostly you get placed into a tier based on your traffic country and conversion.

If your website has good quality traffic from developed countries (like USA, UK, Canda etc) and the ads have good conversion rate then you may expect a adcash cpm rate of $1 to $2 for tier 1 traffic.

If you have traffic from developed countries and still low or no cpm then it is due to there are no conversions.

A cpm ad network has to pay for impressions irrespective of conversions but think about it.

Why is advertiser paying to place ads on your website?

To make sales or get customer of some kind, to make people sign, its a promotion so that the advertiser can make more money of their product.

So if no people are clicking or becoming customers for ads your website, it is obivious to get low cpm rates.

If you have traffic from tier 2 or tier 3 you will get adcash cpm around 20 cents.

Nowadays unless you have sufficiently large (like in hundrends of thousands) traffic per month, you won't get good cpm rate.

You may why is that?

Its very simple, because the number of publishers increased exponentially in past few years.

There are small website which continue to show ads of cpm ad networks but never get paid once in their lifetime.

Don't get discouraged, if you work smart and hard you will earn good in digital world.

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