Admob Interstitial Ads CPM

Admob interstitial ads cpm is discussed in this article.

Admob is an advertising company focused on mobile devices.

It was founded by omar hamoui on 10 april 2006.

Google bought admob from omar hamoui in year 2009.

Admob Interstitial Ads CPM

admob interstitial ads cpm

First what is an interstitial ad?

Interstitial Ad is a type of ad that covers the whole screen of the device that it is being displayed on.

These ads are displayed while transitioning to different page or game level.

Now about the admob interstitial ads cpm.

The cpm of admob instertitial ads for android devices is $2 to $4.

The admob cpm for iOS devices is $3 to $5 for same interstitial ads.

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