Popcash CPM

Popcash cpm rates are discussed in this article.

Popcash is an online advertising ad network that works with popunders ads.

Popcash was founded in year 2012.

Popcash CPM Rates

popcash cpm rate

With popcash, there is no need to wait for account approval, no minimum traffic requirement.

Just open your account and start placing ads.

The minimum payout is $10.

You can withdraw your earning by paypal, payza, skrill and webmoney.

Here are mainstream popcash cpm rates.

PopCash mainstream Popunder CPM
USA 1.5
Germany 0.81
France 0.79
Brazil 0.3
China 0.41
Indonesia 0.20
Bangladesh 0.18
India 0.29

Here are popcash cpm rates for adult content.

PopCash adult Popunder CPM
USA 1.19
Germany 0.99
France 0.81
Brazil 0.35
China 0.71
Indonesia 0.24
Bangladesh 0.14
India 0.21

This cpm ad network is not very popular so you should be careful.

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