Revenuhits CPM

Revenuehits cpm rate is discussed in this article.

Revenuehits is self service ad network for publishers by Intango Ltd.

Revenuehits was founded in the year 2008 with goal to help publishers monetize their digital assets.

The company size is 51 to 100 employees and yes its a private company.

Revenuehits CPM Rate

revenuehits cpm

Now about revenuehits cpm rate.

This blog article from official website of revenuehits claims depending upon different factors (the usual thing) you may get revenuehits cpm anywhere between $0.5 to $30.

If you look at online forums, you will notice that average cpm of revenuehits is around $2 for traffic from USA, UK, UAE and canada.

Around $0.5 or may be less for rest of the world.

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