Unity Ads eCPM India

Unity ads ecpm india meaning unity ads ecpm for india is discussed in this article.

Unity Ads help game developers monetize apps and also acquire new players.

You may already know what ecpm is but still for beginners.

eCPM is effective cost per thousand impressions.

Unlike CPM, eCPM can be applied any pricing model.

The formula of eCPM is given below.

eCPM = (Advertising Revenue / Ad impressions) * 1000

Unity Ads eCPM India

unity ads ecpm india

For indian traffic the untiy ads ecpm is around $0.8.

For rewarded video ads, ecpm is found to be around $1.5 for the same indian traffic.

Admob is very good alternative to unity ads.

Actually unity ads is considered an alternative to admob because admob is the first choice for a mobile application, whether its android or iOS.

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