What is eCPM?

eCPM is short form for Effective Cost Per Mille so eCPM stand for the same.

Mille is latin word which means thousand.

What does eCPM mean?

What is ecpm

eCPM is a mesurement method used in advertisement industry to find out ads monetization performance. This metric is an estimate of revenue you as publisher earn for thousand ad impressions.

If you know what is cpm, you may ask what is the difference between cpm and ecpm?

Both the measure sound similar. The main different between CPM and eCPM is that eCPM is revenue metric which can be applied to any pricing model whereas CPM can only be used in ad buying model to calculate the cost per thousand impressions.

So how do you calculate the eCPM?

To calculate eCPM, you take the total ad revenue then divide it by number ad impressions received and then multiply the result by 1000. This is how you get eCPM viz. earnings you are receiving for thousand ad impressions.

To make it simple here is the formula to calculate eCPM

eCPM = (Total Ad Revenue Earning / Ad Impressions) * 1000

What is a good eCPM?

The answer to this question depends on lot of factors such as your niche, country traffic, engagement. If you are getting traffic from tier-1 countries like united stated and united kingdom then you can expect good results, something around $4 to $10 as eCPM.

What is the average eCPM?

The average eCPM for video ads is $10 if its in app. For banner ads it is $1. However if you are from india the average eCPM is very low about $0.5 per thousand impressions.

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