Adsterra Low CPM Rate

Adsterra low cpm rate will be discussed in this article.

Adsterra is website monetization platform which provides tools to monetize websites.

The more traffic you attract, the more users will view ads on your website, the more you earn.

Historically, advertisers and publishers have come up to a ethics metric — the cost of 1,000 impressions.

This metric is well-known as the CPM (cost-per-mille) rate.

Adsterra Low CPM Rate

adsterra low cpm rate

So what is lowest possible cpm you can get on adsterra ad network?

Adsterra low cpm is $0.0. Yes you read it right, its $0.0. But again no.

You will earn something ofcourse but that is very very very small that it can be considered negligible and so the numbers round up to $0.

This adsterra cpm rate is for country bangaladesh if you are using banner ads. If your traffic is from India, you receive $0.01 for banner ads, which is adsterra low cpm for india.

Now that you know adsterra low cpm rate, find out adsterra high cpm rate.

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