AdMob eCPM

Admob ecpm is discussed in this article.

eCPM is an abbreviation of Effective Cost Per Mile.

That is ecpm is effective cost per thousand impressions.

So what's the difference between cpm and ecpm?

Well CPM is used in cpm ad buying model in order to find cost per thousand impressions.

eCPM is revenue metric that can be used in any pricing model.

To calculate admob ecpm you need two numbers, first one is total earnings and secondly total impressions.

The formula to calculate ecpm is as follows.

  ecpm admob = (Total Earnings / Impressions) x 1000

eCPM AdMob

Now back to the topic of this article, ecpm admob.

By checking various sources, admob ecpm can be anywhere from $0.4 to $10.

Normally with any type of app you will get around $1 at least.

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