Average eCPM AdMob

Average ecpm admob is discusses in this article.

eCPM is an abbrevation for Effective Cost Per Mile.

Here mile means thousand, so ecpm is Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

Impressions means, number of times your ad unit was viewed.

eCPM is an estimate which represents the revenue you receive for every thusand ad impressions.

The formula to calculate eCPM is given below.

  eCPM = (Total Earnings / Impressions) x 1000

Average eCPM AdMob

There are different factors that affect eCPM. As you know the usual stuff, traffic country, content etc.

After all the advertiser has to be interested to put ads on your app.

If your app type fits advertisers requirements then they will think about placing ads on your app.

The more popular your app is more eager the advertiser will be to put ads and for that they will be ready to spent more.

Now answer to the topic of this article.

Average eCPM for AdMob for year 2020-2021 is $19.03.

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