Unity Ads eCPM

Unity ads ecpm rates are discussed in this article.

Unity Ads is a platform which provides monetization and user acquisition solutions to game developers.

We have gone through ecpm definition many times but this is different article. So here we go again.

eCPM is effective cost per thousand ad impressions. This metric is based on ad revenue.

The ecpm formula is given below.

ecpm = (Ad revenue / ad impressions) * 1000

Unity Ads eCPM Rates

unity ads ecpm rates

Now to the topic, what is ecpm of unity ads?

From here, unity ads cpm is $6 to $12 and it can go upto $20 for english speaking countries, especially developed countries.

For non english speaking countries it can be as low as $3.

If you want to know the unity ads ecpm for indian traffic, you need to check out this article titled "unity ads ecpm india".

Now back to the article.

There are always plenty of sources which disagree with claims on unity's official website.

One such source says they got cpm of $0.6 for their game.

This is from the official forum of unity ads - unity ads low cpm rate.

If you know your app is good enough and you have done everything there is to it (technical and marketing) then there is nothing to worry about, you will definitely get a good cpm rate from unity.

If in worst case unity ads do not work for you there are always plenty of alternatives, try admob then.

Amob will surely make you more than unity ads.

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