Admob Rewarded Video eCPM

Admob rewarded video ecpm rate is discussed in this article.

Admob is mobile advertising company founded in year 2006 by Omar Hamoui.

Admob is was aquired by Google in november 2009.

Admob Rewarded Video eCPM Rate

google admob rewarded ecpm rates

First what is rewarded video?

If you have played any android game, you will notice that the app offers you a chance to survive or get in game reward if you watch an ad for few seconds (from 5 to 30 seconds), these ads are known as rewared video ads.

The ecpm associated with these ads is called rewarded video ecpm.

The rewarded video ecpm rate of google admob is around $10 for android devices.

Google admob rewareded video ecpm rate for iOS devices is around $17.

This depends on variety of factors such as user country, pricing, billing type, content type etc.

So you may less or more according to those factors.

Just make an engaging app that gets users from developed countries and you will get close enough to ecpm numbers in this article.

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