How Much do CPM Ads Pay?

How Much do CPM Ads Pay?

The CPM Rates vary with each cpm ad networks.

Different formats, country, quality content pay affect the rate to greater extent.

You might want to check this Highest Paying CPM Ads $8 CPM (Spoiler : we didn't found it to be true).

Adsterra can provide $1 CPM, as per internet. Know more about adsterra cpm here.

AdMob provies a CPM of $7.5. But as you know admob is for android applications. admob cpm know more here.

Ad-Maven claims to give $8 CPM, but our experience says somethis else.

It provided very low cpm of $0.3 or $0.00. The sites were also not good, receiving daily 100 traffic, two websites. But those are numbers are definitely not good.

Know more about admaven cpm here.

PopAds CPM rate can be very good. You can set whatever rate you want. If you have decent traffic and if you set rate to be $0.01 per popunder, you can earn $1 per 1000 impressions easily.

This is because there are advertisers who bid that much to spend.

Know more about PopAds CPM Rates here.

PropellerAds CPM rate is around $0.4 for indian traffic. USA and German traffic can get around dollar.

Know more about PropellerAds CPM Rates here.

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