Admob Low eCPM

Admob low ecpm is discussed in this article.

Admob is an adverting company for mobile devices.

Admob was founded on april 10, 2006 by omar hamoui.

admob is an abbreviation of "advertising on mobile".

Admob was bought by google in november 2009. Admob helped google gain control over mobile marketing.

The advertisers will place bids to buy ad space on your website and highest bidder (usually) will be awarded the space on your or publishers website.

Now, what is eCPM?

eCPM is simply the effective revenue that you earn per thousand impressions.

The fomula to calculate eCPM is given below.

eCPM = (Ad Revenue / Impressions) * 1000

Admob Low eCPM

admob low ecpm rate

Now to the topic, admob low ecpm.

The lowest ecpm you can possibly get on admob ad network is $0.00.

Ofcourse this is the worst case, if you are that lucky to get it then you must look into your application.

Check whether it has any demand at all from google's perspective (market perspective) and other factors such as user country.

Usually $0.04 or $0.1 or anything below $0.5 is considered a low ecpm for admob.

Generally google is considered the best, whether its user experience or earnings. Becuase they have data and so they will definitely make advertiser, sales.

If you app is decent you can at least expect around $5.

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